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TEMPOE is a leading provider of no credit required shopping with several payment options, including multiple opportunities for quick and economical ownership. We drive clients to grow and create rhythm for customers to spend with confidence. TEMPOE operates in all U.S. states and Puerto Rico, serving a variety of industries, including furniture, home electronics, appliances, jewelry, automotive, and home/garden. Help your customers get what they want and get it today.
•Reach underserved, credit-challenged consumers by offering additional financing options.
•Drive repeat business with an enhanced customer experience.
•Enjoy retailer reward and incentive programs: PACE Rewards puts money in the pocket of each of your associates for every confirmed TEMPOE agreement they generate.
•Receive funding quickly and easily with PayPULSE, our automated funding process. It’s a hassle-free, hands-off payment system that eliminates the need for documents to be uploaded or faxed for funding approval.
•Experience a holistic approach to your financing needs with inTEMPOE, a comprehensive, ready-to-use system integration platform that enables full integration with your ecommerce site, in-store point-of-sale application, mobile, or any kiosk.
•Access customizable marketing materials for retailers on the TEMPOE Outlet.
•Manage your account 24/7 on any web device at our Retailer PULSE website at

PayPal Credit
 New promotion remains at $99+ and consumers will still enjoy no interest on their purchase as long as they make the minimum monthly payment and pay off the full amount within the 6 month period. Flexible Payment Plans For Sunny Jewelers Jewelry purchase

PayPal Credit is built into our PayPal payment solution. If your an existing PayPal client, you will already have access to PayPal credit yet may still need to apply.
To pay using PayPal Credit, simply select the PayPal option at checkout, sign into your PayPal account .

To apply for PayPal Credit, click here!

For more questions regarding PayPal Credit, please contact their customer service at team at (866)528-3733 or visit their FAQs page.
Synchrony Bank Luxury Card

Features of the Synchrony Bank Luxury Card:

  • Simple credit application process
  • Low minimum monthly payments
  • More purchasing power
  • Exclusive cardholder financing options
  • Convenient monthly statement with detailed promotional information
  • Special financing available*
  • Doesn’t tie up other credit lines
*Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. See store for details.